Complementary Feeding 6-12 months


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Complementary Feeding for babies 6 months to 1 year old.

Course outline:
01 Baby Feeding Concepts
🗓 Nutrition and the First 1000 Days
🥗 The Food Pyramid and the Healthy Plate
✅ When to start
🥄 Spoon feeding and 🖐🏼 Baby-led weaning

02 The Hows of Your Baby’s First Meal
❓ How to start
🥕 How to Prepare Food for Your Baby
🥦 How to Offer the Food to Your Baby
🥛 Drinks to Offer During Mealtimes

03 Must-Know’s and Practical Tips
⚠️ Foods to Avoid
🖖🏼 Useful Baby Signs for Meal Times

04 Bonus: Special Topics
✅ Possible Challenges
✅ First Aid for Choking by Dr. Olivia Reyes
✅ Food and Allergies by Dr. Aimee Nano
🃏 Baby Sign Language Flash Cards
📝 3 Month Meal Plan