Breastfeeding & Babycare Essentials Bundle


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Prepare for the arrival of your little one with our Breastfeeding and Babycare Essentials online course for new and expectant parents. A must-learn course to help prepare you for the arrival of your little one.

In this course you will learn the following

Breastfeeding Essentials
✅ The First Embrace: Skin-to-skin Contact and It’s Impact on Breastfeeding ​​
✅ The First 1000 Days of Life and Why It Matters ​​
✅ Why Breastfeeding is Important and Life-saving
✅ How Breastfeeding Works
✅ ​​ Step-by-step Guide into the Different Breastfeeding Positions and When Best to Use Each
✅ ​​ How to Get Baby to Latch Properly
✅ ​​ Must-know Skills: Breast Massage and Hand Expression
✅ ​​ Frequently Asked Questions on Breastfeeding
✅ ​​ Breastfeeding Readiness Exam

Babycare Essentials
✅ Your Home Set-up
✅ What to Bring to the Hospital
✅ Your Birth Plan ​​
✅ Baby’s First Few Hours and Days
✅ ​​ Your Babycare Routine
✅ ​​ Soothing Techniques
✅ ​​ Frequently Asked Questions on Babycare
✅ ​​ Are You Baby Ready? Babycare Readiness Exam